About us

Founded in early 2015, Eerie Hint Productions is a Underground Metal Label, dedicated to release high quality Cassettes of Extreme Metal bands from East Asia, especially from China.

Besides our music releases, you also can read interviews done by Jero (EHP), mostly sitting face-to-face in China together with bands and labels such as Ancestor, Perditism, KuRong Music, Area Death Productions/ 666 Rock Shop, Dinkumoil, Hellfire and many more. You can read it in the Bestial Desecration Fanzine (by Destruktion Records) and new interviews soon through our very own zine, which has no specific release date yet.

For any questions about our releases, interviews, chinese metal, your order, etc, feel free to send an email to eeriehint@yahoo.de

Please understand that we usually do not answer anymore to requests for possible cassette releases through our label. We do not only have a very small release schedule, which is often just full enough; there are also simply too many mails which include sadly lots of simple standard copied texts or with just a video link in it.

Our Releases:

EHP 001 RUPTURE - Death to Peace, MC
EHP 002 RABIES - Death Sentence To Mankind, MC
EHP 003 SKELETAL AUGURY - Bless Of Destroyed, Raped, Dismembered Flesh, MC
EHP 004 AEK GWI - Forest Of Ghost, MC
EHP 005 ORIGIN OF PLAGUE - Origin Of Plague, MC
EHP 006 HOLYARROW - Oath Of Allegiance, MC
EHP 007 DREAM SPIRIT - Mountains And Rivers, MC
EHP 008 PAGANFIRE - The Executor Is Back, MC
EHP 009/ SOIL 005 DRACONIS INFERNUM - The Ashes Of The Old, MC
EHP 010 IBEX MOON - Cathedral At Obscure Fortress, MC
EHP 011 HELLFIRE - The Seven Gates In Hell, MC
EHP 012 TROMA TUMOR - The Chaos God, MC
EHP 013 AEK GWI - Hideous Dreams, MC
EHCD 001/ Pest RUPTURE - Rise From The Mass Graves, CD
EHP 666 SABBAT/ HELLFIRE - Sabbatical Hellfirexecution, MC
EHP 014/ Wvs/ Pest BE PERSECUTED - I.I/ End Leaving, 2-MC
EHP 015/ SOIL 010 INFERNO REQUIEM - Gloomy Night Stories, MC
EHP 016 NECROABBOT - Hell Torment, MC
EHP 017 ANCESTOR - Age Of Overload, MC
EHP 018 ANCESTOR - Lords Of Destiny, MC
EHP 019/ TISM 001 EXPLOSICUM - Conflict, MC
EHP 020/ TISM 002 EXPLOSICUM - Raging Living, MC
EHP 021/ TISM 003 EXPLOSICUM - Living’s Deal, MC

Out soon:

EHP 022 MEFITIS - Despair, MC
EHP 023 HOLYARROW - Fight Back For The Fatherland, MC
... and more planned releases.


eeriehint.bigcartel.com (for our labelreleases only)